Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gently He Weeps

"Crescent Moon" Image from PixShark

Little boy blue once beckoned the moon,
Calling out like a wolf in the night,
Yet no call echoed back to him.
So he sat there in silence,
Cold and downtrodden,
Waiting for his time.

My dearest boy,
Why must you cry so?
Do not weep for me alone.
Do not worry yourself to death.
For I'm your matron mother in the sky,

And I will always lift you up from the ground.


  1. Very touching poem. I am glad that the moon cared enough to comfort the weeping child.

    1. When I wrote this I had intended for it to serve as a sort of lullaby. Something to tell your child just before they went to bed.

  2. It does have a nursery rhyme feel..little boy not cry...I like the shape of the poem as well. It looks like an hour glass as the sands of time slip through each line.

    1. I was kind of aiming for the nursery rhyme concept because I thought it would convey the innocence portion of the message in the poem.


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