Wednesday, April 15, 2015

City of Lights

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Pity the fool who dances on the corner
His moves badangling, a goofy surprise
A jelly legged man called a porter
Disguised in a black suit and shiny cap.

Braggarts in the kitchen's closet
Smacking sticks and taking names.

Pity the fool who dances on the corner
His exploits wrangling, a roofy arise
A mad hatter and colorful suitor
Rambling in curses upon a sap.

This is in response to the Midweek Motif over at Poet's United.

Singing Stones

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Crumbling mortar and graying bricks
Tumbling down, tumbling down
Covering blighter and singing cricks
Tumbling down, tumbling down
Varying weather and dusting nicks
Tumbling down, tumbling down

Wherefore lingers thy darling
Her moans and screams 
Wherefore augers thy failing
O'er loams it seems

Tumbling down, tumbling down
Tumbling down, tumbling down  

In response to Hedgewitch's Folly Challenge over at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Memoir Of A Nerd

Image Contributor: Dorkdaddy

I hold a rusty and metallic compass in my hands
It's pointer points towards my heart's every desire
Perhaps a dusty tome upon a miniature library 
Or maybe even a bag of dice to roll upon the table.

The bandwidth resonates in singular bands
Rebounding in the temporal right side fire
Sparks igniting with dragon's breath hereditary
To those who create worlds within a fable.

Life outside these four walls glimmer in enlightenment
Crowds of humans herding together simultaneously
Mingling like the paper mache split into confetti
To dance within the spiraling winds of tragedy.

With my rusty compass I'll navigate this settlement
A maze full of twists and turns built so beautifully
Like the master behind the screen of no money
Waving cautionary flags with great uncertainty.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Empty Promises

Emptiness (Soman Patnaik @ Pencil Jammers)

When the pinging reverberates through the bone
It is like sonar searching for a better signal,
But when the reflections bounce against the wind
There is only empty distance between us.

I question the inevitability of this reaction in you,
And what I see with my mind's eye is irrefutable.
The stones weigh heavy upon my open cavities,
It feels like drowning as I gasp for a single breath.

Temptations covered in reddened down pillows,
Whose feathers fly high in the air, north and south.
Who could doubt what was floating on those clouds,
Surely a giantess caressing the snakes with venom.

One less stone to skip across this stilling pond,
One less red canyon to leap over at night.
For the pinging in my bones is quite clear,
For I yearn no longer in your summer meadow. 


Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Gathering

The World (Impronta Unika)
All around they will come
From distant islands and seas,
Over mountains of shrouded stone,
And misty clouds from above.

Send them a melodious white dove,
Tell them as they roam, 
From within the whisking breeze,
The gathering of time sung.

Baffling and raffling they run
A day which they'll seize
Over the green lands loam
Full of glee and love.

Full of glee and love
Over the green lands loam
A day which they'll seize
Baffling and raffling they run.

All around they will come
From distant islands and seas,
Over mountains of shrouded stone,
And misty clouds from above.

Author's Note: 
This poem is intended to be sung. I'm testing out a new structure that blends syllables of lines and repetition. Hopefully it works out.