Friday, February 6, 2015

Among The Wilds of Glee

"Beautiful Forest Elf" by Jeans Design (Photobucket)
Ayalla smelled the hubris of a yellow and white flower
It is a daisy among the golden meadow in which she laid.
Aya often mingled with the forest and smiled like the sun.
She would frolick among the chipmunks and conifers,
Go eloping with the red fern deer and strawberry fields.

Her elven ears perked up at the silence
She heard the river's soothing song
She heard the birds of paradise sing
She heard the echoes of the living trees.

Tweet tweet, tweet tweet

Ayalla hummed to herself an elegant little tune:
Hmm hm Hmmm Hmm Hm
She could lay here in the wilds for all eternity
And make her home among the stars at night.
Dancing around a pyre of azure and emerald flames,
Magically lit as to not burn her forest to cinders.

Aya loved the forest with all her heart,
And one day she became that forest she loved dearly.
She became known as Gaia, or Mother Earth
And she still hums her beautiful tune
If one would stop a minute in silence
Just to delve into the feywilds' splendor.  


  1. What fun! A little meander off the beaten path, for a quick side trip into a bit of fantasy. I thought the piece was particularly well crafted. It isn't easy to diverge from reality in a short work and hit the mark spot on, right out of the gate. Good writing!

    1. Thanks Wendy! I love writing fantasy pieces, and this one was particularly fun to write up.

  2. I admire the beginnings of mother earth or Gaia story Kenn~ Let's hope we also love the forest and treasure her gifts ~


    1. Mother nature shows us both the wonderful things and the harshness of the world we live in. I think there is much to learn from everything around us.


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