Sunday, February 1, 2015

Storm Dancer

"Dancing in the Rain" by helloXD123
The maple boardwalk brazened below my feet
It's surface slippery when wet, sliding
Through the little spaces and cracks
Dancing in the sun and cloudy sky
As lightning drizzles its static upon me
Frizzy hair and dry whispers in the wind:
“Little dancer of the woods doth sing.”

Every day is an adventure full of excitement.

What adventures will you take in the rains of February's calling to spring?


  1. February is usually when we get our worst weather but today it stands above fifty, the ground hog did not see his shadow here during a light rain.

    Thank you. The Potter was one that came from outside myself.

    1. Yeah that is true. The temperature has been around the negatives over my way at night, but it rises up to the 30's during the noon.

  2. Lovely imagery here. Ha, I don't know if we will have rains in February. At the moment we are in the middle of the strongest blizzard of our season. Smiles.

    1. Sometimes I prefer rain over the snow, but then again the temperatures I've been having might make me second guess that. Don't much care for ice on the roads.

  3. lovely flow to this... we have two months before spring rains...

    1. Yeah, can't wait for the first hint of green. I'll be jumping off the ground.


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