Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eye Wonder

"Hand Eye Coordination" by Liam York (Wikimedia)
Eye wonder where all the colors go
when the iris turns shades of gray
into the pupils solid black circle.

Eye wonder where dogs see images
in x-rays or in blots and spots,
or a canine peering through the layers.

Eye wonder if the walls are empty
where the cornea meets the veins
stimulating the nerves of I.

Eye wonder about a lot of things,
and sometimes there are few in between,
but I can see a lot though I'm blind.  

Post script: I was playing around with repetition for effect, and fused it together with a little play on words theme. "Eye" wonder if my fellow readers would like to try out this style. It is a nice little challenge, and I know a few of you would enjoy it. If you do try it out could you please link your version of this poetic style back to me so that I may read it. I'd love to see what you guys and gals come up with. 


  1. I very interesting - and effective - use of the homophone "I" and "eye". The last line - a surprise!

    1. Yeah, at first I thought this was too short, but I went with it anyways. I liked the play on words quite a bit.


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