Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Broken Chair

"Broken Chair" Image from SnipView

Emblazoned with a neutral coloration,
Brown as a baby grizzly bear;
Covered in dust and broken bones.
It once sat upon the greatest floor
Proud as a king's golden throne,
But alas it collapsed with time;
Beatle bugs eating it's laquer alive.
Termites embedding into their hive

Looking for sustenance and a home.


  1. love how you took a simple object and gave it history

    1. I think the aging factor helped with that. "Every object tells a story" I always say.

  2. It is interesting to know the history behind old things. Your picture and poem both illustrate that even the most beautiful thing eventually breaks down. It is part of the cycle of life...

    1. Exactly! Like I always say, life isn't measured by time, but by the memories and experiences that we make along the way.


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