Monday, February 2, 2015

Taking Down The Giant

Against all odds the Patriots fought hard against their competitor the Seahawks. Just when all hope was lost, one player stood out from the crowd, and made an interception at the goal line stand that surely would have sealed the game if he hadn't. Butler is the MVP for this Super Bowl XLIX in my opinion because without that interception the Patriots wouldn't have won this game. All the players worked hard for this glory, but this just shows that it was a fight till the bitter end. 

"Super Bowl XLIX" Image from Forbes
Determination is the key to the kingdom
For when one man falls so does the other
Like dominoes they will tumble to the grave
And there is no angel who can save them
Except for those men next to them called brother
Because in the heat of battle there is a knave
Who will stand out among the shouting crowd
Standing taller than a giant, fearsome and proud.

Bravery withstands even the greatest fathom
For this is a game of wits and toughened ardor
A game men play upon that coliseum and stave
Off against the titans of Olympus for freedom
Yelling and charging, clashing of steely grandeur
Against all odds they fought upon that border
Sweat and blood all over their faces and shroud
For this is the day their victory shined out loud.

Author Note: A tribute to the Patriots for winning their fourth Superbowl in 14 seasons. 


  1. Ha, I watched the game as well. I had hoped for the Seahawks because they had beat my team - the Packers. My rationale was that if the Seahawks won at least that would prove how very good the Seahawks were, that in fact they were unbeatable. With a Patriot win, this did not prove that. Sigh. But actually I am not generally a fan of either team. Go Pack & Aaron Rodgers - next year. Smiles. Anyway, all that aside, you wrote a nice tribute poem. And it was quite an exciting game.

    1. The Packers are a really good team, and Aaron Rodgers is a good leader for them. My dad would have completely agreed with you because he is a Packers fan too. Both teams fought a tough battle. It was a great super bowl this year.


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