Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Any Final Words?

"Spilled Coffee" from WordPress
Nearing the edge of the page
My ink quill threatens to flee
My mind cringes at the sight
My hair stands upside down.

Do I dare to write the final word?
Is it really something worth sharing?
Perhaps a mug of coffee will tell,

Or perhaps it may not.

A drip of caffeine falls from my lip
Splattering on the page in slow motion
My heart beats faster and faster
Not my masterpiece! Not now!

I shouldn't have taken any chances
I should have written that last word
Now time will never know what it was
Now there is a dried up stain on the page.

Nearing the edge of sanity now
The ink blotches the page now
It's skewed into a magnificent oblivion
Now, I need time to think.

Why didn't I write that final word?
Is it really up to destiny to determine?
Perhaps there is enlightenment to all of this,
Or perhaps there was not.

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  1. I wonder how anyone would know if they were writing that final word. I think one day each of us will write it, of course; but I would rather not know it when I do....

    1. I'd try to look deeper into what is meant by the "last word" because there are many different last words. It is all about perspective I would imagine. I know I will be writing something till my dying breath.

  2. Maybe the speaker just needs to write a different final word... right over the coffee.

    1. Perhaps so or perhaps not... either way there will be a final word.


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