Thursday, December 18, 2014

An Unlikely Oxymoron

"Passive Activism" by Markwojtasiak
(Restless Beings)
Bouncing steadily in centered pace
It will collapse with tidiness and grace
Around in straight circles through the air
Like a square balloon in a chair
What am I you would say?
A deviant innocence or a mocking jay,
Perhaps a subtle jinx or common rarity.

No matter what questions answered
An oblique flatness is in the crossword
Between gregarious necessity and obstinate obesity
For nowhere can I be found
Inside the outside sound
Of the silent trumpet and delicious crumpet
That lays standing upon the carpet.

Maybe it is unlikely probable
Or maybe I'm cordial unsociable
But I know who I am, and who I am not
And that is an unwritten thought
Inside the outside part
Of a guy not named Scott;
Oxymoron, or not.

Question: "What opposites do you feel attract?"


  1. I love the sounds of it!!! I read it outloud to myself, it was really fun. I write stupid rhyme and for this reason I avoid to write it. I would like to have listened to your reading of it very much.

    I don't think you're a jinx (subtle or not), from I've been reading here this week you sound more like a rarity.

    It's also nice to hear you're cordial unsociable, probably because that's a term that applies to me too.

    I liked this poem very much. I'm going to sit here in my bedroom listening to some soothing music and write a piece that will speak to it.


    1. I wasn't aiming the poem specifically at myself, but some of the concepts were from my personality. Listening to music always helps create a creative atmosphere in my opinion. :)

  2. I've been exploring contradictions in my writing recently and this piece spoke to that exploration.

    1. I'm glad that I could help out in your poetic explorations Kathryn :)


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