Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Escapist

"The Open Door" by La Duque
(Deviant Art)
Within these four walls--
Like a box--
Unable to escape, to the rim
Where sparks of lightning stream
Flowing like a waterfall.

I question whether this is reality
Or is this my tamed mind?
Is all this scuffle and scattered
Paper all I need?

Like chalk outlines
Of an abstract mind I wonder
If I can create a hole
Breaking this fourth wall.


Harmonizing jingles rapture my mind
As a quizzical leap of faith bears near
Should I jump this bridge?
Or should I stand still as time?

I go back to my rippled paper.
Looking desperately, harshly
I focus my hand
And drizzle the nonsensical words.

These words that are wisdom
Falling through the night sky
Like stars gleam and fall
Down a perennial waterfall.

I will take that leap of faith
Moving forward through time
Like these words on paper
I will escape this box.

I crumple the page
Turning to the next
Like an open book
And jump...

Will I land on my feet
Like a cat of nine lives,
Or will I fall down the waterfall
To the depths of these four walls...

Will I escape?

I can see the rim drawing near
It opens like a pile of hands
Reaching for me to touch them
So I reach out for them

Just inches away it seems
So close
I can feel my heart stop

Everything turns black and white

Age is the enemy of man.
Forgetting is the worst part
Because when I reach for those hands
It is as a dream

I wake to see my crippled hands
To see my delicate, shaking hands
All those nonsensical words
Pile into one...


Question: "What do you do to escape from the thoughts in your head?"

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