Friday, December 26, 2014

Artistic Interpretations Challenge: Wonder

"Beauty is a form of genius - is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation."  -- Oscar Wilde

This poem is in dedication to the Artistic Interpretations Challenge at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.

"Landscape Composition" by M. Bednar
As I stand here in wonder
I can't help but to ponder
What is beyond those mountains?
Is it the endless blue sky
Whose clouds soar and fly,
Or the sea of endless mounds
That are upon earthly bounds?

It seems to reach out far and wide
And makes adventure such a surprise.
Upon this hill there are standing rocks
Who don't rattle or change their size
But I can't help but to wonder
What kind of being had left them here.
Was it the giants of old
Who tossed them in a game
Of marbles and pride?
Or was it the all maker who did it
In only the blink of an eye?
Oh so many questions I can ask
Of the world I see that is vast.
As I stand her in wonder
I can't help but to ponder
What is over yonder?

Question: "What kinds of artistic impressions do you get from this photograph?"


  1. Oh yes.. standing looking out in the distance.. there is always something yonder.. I guess real beauty lies in our imagination.. the why? or what?.. those questions we ponder is what is the real beauty.

    1. I literally love landscapes for this exact effect. I can't help but wonder what is beyond the horizon.

  2. I adore fairytales and science. I think this poem opens the door of wonder to both and I always admire rhyme - something that does not come easy to me. Thank you for playing.

    1. I also adore fairy tales very much. I grew up reading a lot of those stories when I was younger, and till this day they still remind me of great adventures. Thank you so much for the comment, and I always enjoy sharing my poems! :)

  3. Whenever I go hiking I find myself lost in thoughts just like you're doing here. The world is so vast I find it wonderful we can still connect to people living so far from us.

    I live in a mountain state, I've never seen the sea, I get my dose of feeling small from landscapes like the one in the photo. :)


    1. Like I told Bjorn above.. I absolutely love how landscapes can affect the way we see and understand things. There is just so much to explore out there. :)

  4. You have certainly brought an artistic eye to this scene.

  5. Yes, wonder! I wrote on the same picture--and I think approached some of the same wonder. Thanks.

    1. I like taking art and interpreting it into words. So much fun in wondering what is beyond a simple picture. :)

  6. Replies
    1. I've always been astounded by C.S. Lewis' ability to establish a sort of wonder and bewilderment of what is beyond a closet door. That metaphorical interpretation of unlocking imaginations is something to be treasured.


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