Saturday, December 20, 2014

Twas' The Life of An Every Day Gamer

(Adweek News)
Surrounded by clutter in every corner;
Clothes piled upon the wooden floor,
Like a bag of trash ready for takeout,
Bowls of empty ramen soup,
Chicken flavored, stacked miles high,
McDonald’s big mac wrappers scattered,
Blowing around like tumbleweed.
The lights are dimmed down
Setting the mood, ready for the showdown.
Beep. The Xbox 360 console turns on,
Grabbing my controller in hand,
Time to escape for a little while.

Stroking the joystick up and down,
Left and right, leading my character
Through this world of dragons and fire.
A roar echoes from my 36” flat screen,
“About time one of these guys shows up”
I begin to cycle through the motions;
Pulling the right trigger button to swing a sword,
Pushing the bumper button to shout,
Pulling the left trigger button to block,
Rinse and repeat.
Eventually the blood bathe scene ends,
And my character rises victorious.
“Whoo! That is how it is done!”
Almost throwing my controller to the floor,
Like I just made a game winning touchdown.
Another dragon’s soul eaten for another day,
Then I remember I’m still surrounded

By clutter in every corner.

Question: "What are some of the hobbies you have?"

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