Saturday, December 27, 2014


This is my first attempt at reading my poetry out loud. I hope that all of you like it, and please leave any tips or constructive criticism that you'd like to share.

Like clockwork we are pulled by strings
Of a theory that isn't full of shame,
But of triggers and springs, and revolving things
Inside and out we spread wanderlust and fame.
When the light comes over the dawn
And the singers of lore call out our song
We strode into that precipice and battled
All that we knew of our brethren's shadows.
Long hard stones were cast into the shores
With longboats and covered up whores
Like a pirate's booty we crumpled in fears
Of the possibility of something beyond our years
Something strange and unusual to the eye
Something that our crystal orbs could not scry
For when the battle was over it was already won
Cause that is how the story was sung.
But let us put our backs to the incoming winds
Whose trademarks cover every corner of the earth
Because when the shadows of our brethren comes
We will soon never forget the memories that birthed
Upon that hazy battlefield in the deep west
Forlorn to the conscience we had known best
But instead let thus pull every single string
Instead of embracing the peace we could bring.
Let us now remember the fallen for who they are
Because without them we would be lost by far
To the children of the desolate sands
Who tried to steal our grace and rightful lands
Home of the glory and the brave
For the two towers whose shadows we couldn't save
But will always be remembered in lore
As the beginning of a never-ending war.   

Question: "What revolutions do you remember or bring?"


  1. It is impossible not to love it after hearing your reading of it. Really well written, very powerful words Kenn. :)

    1. Some of my best work tends to flow right out fairly easily. This one was definitely like that. Literally only took me five minutes to write. Trying to get used to reading it out loud though. Never really have done this before, but glad you liked it though.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for reading it and possibly listening to it as well, I'm glade you liked it because it means so much to me as a writer that others enjoy my work. :)


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