Monday, December 29, 2014

Palm Trees and Banana Leafs

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."
William Shakespeare
Sunny Shores (Stock Vault)
One hundred years, waves crashed the shores
Wrinkles omnipresent, like the furled up sands
And dull gray pearls, as far as the distant horizon.
On a creaking porch made of beach-wood stood
What was left of a full life, bones and strings
A sagging rucksack and a frail composure.
Wiry yarn laid crumpled like a robin's nest
A crown that revealed the years of service,
And for as long as the dusty library remembered
This view before pale pearls, a magnificent sunrise.
Bright rays covered the bones up in a blanket
A sparkle wetting the white sandy surface
Glinting from light that breached the shores

One hundred years, waves crashed upon paradise.

Question: "What life would you unravel if you lived 100 years?"  


  1. Positively primeval. The creaking porch is a great image for this. I felt transported.

  2. I was really hoping that the descriptive words were enough to make people feel transported into the scene I was writing. Glad that it worked for you! :)


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