Friday, December 26, 2014

Broken Glasses

So I stumbled upon quite a grievance the other day while cleaning my glasses. I was wiping them off and heard a small snap. As if the slight tremble in my hands wasn't enough to tell me the big picture. I looked down and saw my frame had snapped and broken. The funny thing is that it broke with the slightest applied pressure. As if it was destined to break. Of course, this happening a day after Christmas day, I was really unimpressed. Stomping and screaming, which wasn't getting me anywhere, I steamed and vented. So the next day I just went to Walmart and got a new frame for my lenses. Didn't much care what they looked like. Just as long as I could see without the hassle of holding my lenses in place. So here is a poem dedicated to that defining moment of my life. 

"Broken Glasses" by 1734 CUPE
The light seems to thicken, but only for a moment
For the light soon fades into antiquity
And my vision begins to form a Gaussian blur
I walk around aimlessly as my eyes become dormant
Because everything whips around and is bleary.
I need to find an answer soon, an eye-shot baler.

I reach out for some kind of guidance
Anything.. anything at all could do,
But I seem to be grasping onto thin air.
I stumble around a bit searching for balance
As my living room appears to be askew
And I stub my toe against a chair and I swear.

Damned these broken glasses! Damn them to hell!

So instead I cross my legs and sit down
Upon the floor that is my new home
Because I can't seemed to find my way.
Here I will wallow in my despair and drown
Within the shattered glass in a catacomb
Embracing the blindness as my forte.

The silence thickens in my ears
And the ticking of time counts the days
Where I sit here with empty sound.
My mind filling itself with fears
Of running around in an endless maze
With nothing but fog in the background.

Damned these broken glasses! I yell.

Damn them straight to hell!

Question: "Have you ever lost something that really sets you ablaze?"


  1. I love your header photo.

    Glad you had a solution for your glasses problem.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I really like the simplicity that the header photo brings to the overall look of my blog. Which is why I chose it. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my poem though! :)

  2. I've always wanted to wear glasses, you know. After years of visits to the eye doctor, I was prescribed glasses for reading, which is something I do all the time, therefore I got to wear my glasses as often as I feel like. I'll show you a photo. :)

    I really like the two final longer stanzas. There's beautiful imagery contained in them, solid metaphor. Whenever I think of eyes and seeing, I also think of blindness and Saramago's book which is such a treasure to me.

    “Perhaps only in a world of the blind will things be what they truly are.”

    I like it that you'd embrace blindness as your fort. Such a beautiful thing to do and say.


    1. I've been wearing glasses since I was seven or eight, so it has become one with me almost. If I lose my glasses I literally only see a blur, unless I get something nearly inches from my face. I'm glad you liked the imagery though because I really wanted to convey the message in this poem that there is more to see in blindness than there is with sight. Other senses become very strong when something else it taken from us. So I figured embracing the blindness wouldn't be something too bad after all.


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