Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Poet's United Midweek Motif: Musical Magic

There is a magic within us all, and this women stands out among us all. She weaves glamorous magic that entices the soul. So for this Motif I am reveling in her song. Lindsey Stirling is such a magnificent violinist, and her energy is always apparent. No matter how many times I listen to her, I always manage to feel enlightened from it all. So let us bask in her musical magic in this poem.

In lands long forgotten
And over mountains bold
Lies a journey full of wonder
For those who have the courage.

To unravel mysteries beyond,
Clashing with steel upon steel,
Fighting the dragon of old
Whose smoke smothers us all.

Gasp in awe of the hero
Long lost to us all
Search deep within yourself
And let loose your soul.

For with every step you take
Into that land lost forgotten
You are one step closer
To what you've been searching.

Bask in your greatness
Let the font of magic flow
Through ever rhythm in the air
The beating of your heart.

Dance in the lightning dew
And come forth as a giant
Among men and women alike
As a king upon his golden throne.

For over those mountain tops
You'll find your everlasting quest
For Camelot you might say
But a dreamer's dream all the same.

The tapestries of time will show
All the wonder of the world
Before your very eyes you'll see
What has become of thee.

Question: "What magical musings capture your appeal?"

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  1. Kenn, I am a great fan of Lindsey Stirling. I listened to many of her You-Tube tunes, and she takes my breath away! She definitely knows how to 'let the font of magic flow.' We all need to search within ourselves, and I think that Lindsey Stirling helps us do just that!

    1. I'm glad someone knew who this girl is because she is simply amazing, and so motivating. I believe she unlocks my creative potential so much because her music just seems to ebb and flow elegantly. Really sparks interest for sure. :)

    2. Oh yes, she takes my breath away!! And yes...the ebb and flow of her music and the way she herself moves to it as she plays violin is beautiful.

  2. How beautiful your words are. They are like a song in themselves.

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful song. I just wished again I could live in any of my favorite fantasy books. This is going to be a short comment not because I don't like the subject, because I do, very much indeed. I'll let you know the reason anytime in an e-mail.

    Beautiful Kenn, keep it up.


    1. Lindsey Stirling is such an amazing person. She really knows how to inspire others and she is such a great ambassador and leader.

  4. Beautiful and uplifting writing. Wonderful to read!

  5. Wow! Though I have enjoyed Lindsey's passionate talent over time, it is your poem, your ode to hero's quest and story that is taking my breath away. The form and content are well integrated to create the experience of fantasy. Bravo!

    1. Thank you Susan for the wonderful comment. :) Lindsey Stirling definitely is the motivator behind this poem though.

  6. Great poem, fits well with a call to adventure.

  7. A really magical story unfolds in this poem...well written and surely crafted in a style that does indeed reflect your ability to translate a fantasy world - which maybe closer than we know

    1. I absolutely love the fantasy genre :) Thank you so much for the comment Jae. :)

  8. Your words are beautiful, Kenn! Your poem is filled with magic that makes the soul dance :)

    1. It is nice to know that I can make your soul dance with my words. :)


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