Friday, December 12, 2014

Fly Away

"Xubuntu Fly Away -- Take Two" by leogg!
Flying in the air on a string
I am tethered to a little hand
This little hand that holds me king
King of the circus and faire
I like how the wind blows
Across my facets and curvatures
As I sway to and fro, and side to side
Gasping at the crowds that go by
Then I look up at the blue world above
And can’t help but wonder

What would it be like up there
Up and up into the atmosphere
Just one chance to soar
That is all I ask for
Just one chance to fly
To reach that blue kingdom way up high
But then I begin to remember
That if I should go
How would I return to the world below
I cannot just fall to the ground
Not when I am full and round
So here I must stay and say hello
To the world I am bound to
To the world below
But someday my little master will let go
And I will finally reach the kingdom

The kingdom of solid gold.

Question: "Where would you like to fly away to? Please discuss this in the comments below."

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