Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Crow

"Crow On A Branch"
(Brooklyn Museum; Wikimedia)
He preys upon the frail and mortal
He escorts the sun out into the nocturnal
Into the depths of Hell
The crow has pierced you
Eating upon thy carrion

Apollo asks the crow to journey
Into the aquatic domain below
He commands thee
“Return with the purity below
Replenish the aqueduct of the sky above”

Instead the mocking bird feeds
On figs a plenty
A tree born unripe
Yet he lingers upon the tree
In delay of the tasks at hand

The crow placed among the constellations
Imprisoned by the hydra of nine
It dehydrates his cup’s remains
Forever condemned to thirst
As Athena descends upon the Earth

Replacing omens with the wise
An owl of insight and fertility
Who once sat upon her throne
Of Athena’s blind side he revealed
All sight of the truth at whole

Forever he’d be the guardian of Acropolis
The moon glow revealed the beauty
For the moan bird hoots its call
She’s shrouded in darkness called night

From above the heralds sing
As turtledoves descend
Instilling their blessings of mind
Disrupting the chaos that veils
Each day upon the night

With their swords in hand
They delivered the end to war
With their white gleaming hair
Passing judgment they declared
Arise upon thy silver hallowed land
The Mother Goddess heard thy prayer
Reprisal will soon adhere
With the eternity of life
Forgiven of your sinful nature

Upon heavenly clouds so fair
Question: How far would you go to discover the truth of who you really are?

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