Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Change in the Wind

What are you thinking and feeling about the start of another new year?

"Seagull in Free Flight" by J. L. Johnson
There is a change in the trade winds
I can feel them flapping my wings
With a bird's eye view I can see
Something in the clouds up ahead.
Stirring with lightning I rescind
The pathways that are behind clippings
For past that lightning is a tree
From which I can perch and shed
All the feathers that are dull and old
Just like the tomes that I now hold
Fleeing south for the winter I will
For there are no storms in that still
And calm, the breeze carries forth
Unlike the coldness in the north.
A wise owl told me of the woodwinds
That lay beyond the bordering springs
I'll fly over that ocean blue sea
With my new feathers wide spread.

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