Friday, December 19, 2014

Real Toads Challenge: Year of Memories

"Memories Will Never Fade" by Franzey Fragility
(Frost Box)
This is for the Real Toads challenge Broken Hearts & Auto Parts as posted by Marian. Hope you all enjoy it! :)

It has been a speed-ball this year
Going from one place to another
As if the original didn't matter
Just to look over your shoulder
At the place you used to hover
Just for mere seconds it would seem
Although it had been for a century

You remember all the time outside
In the forest behind the house
Running like wild elves, in and out
As the wind streaked your hair
And the chattering birds seared
Their beautiful song in your ears
The light would glimmer in rays
Across your cold yet warm face

You remember all the time inside
Where you'd sit in the dark
Writing about a better tomorrow
Watching time ebb and flow
Right outside the shining window
And you'd stop and stare
At the ever ascending stairs
Where you first kissed her

You remember all the time with friends
Playing with chess pieces
As if they were Risk pieces
Eating pizza pockets and soda with Spree
Going out into the night
On a manhunt full of glee
All the problems and injuries
That made us who we wanted to be
Something more than friends
Something that lasted for eternity

You remember all the time of parties
Where you'd bring out the drinks
And celebrate someone's birthday
Or the graduation that was meant to be
With a roasting barbecue outside
And the smell of the delicious smoke
Bringing the thirst to your mouth
Then we'd sit together and eat
For as long as there was plenty

Winter would come soon enough
And the bitterness was quite abrupt
We'd warm ourselves by the fire
Talking of stories with our father
And run outside in the morning
To build snowmen and forts
Barricading us from the missiles of course
Then we'd lay atop that soft powder
And cast our angels in the snow

Those were memories in the past
Because we know they won't last
Not when your a wanderer
Just like me, gazing across the sea
I cast out my line, hoping for a fish
That I could reel in with time
To settle down and make a life with
But alas it wouldn't come to be
With a broken heart feeling empty
For nobody wants a wanderer like me

Then we live to forget our past
For that is how memories last
As reminders of what we see
As reminders so full of glee
Because a normal life isn't sown
Not in the tapestries we bestow,
Oh no, memories of that year
Were memories I couldn't see
The ones that stayed hidden from me
Because a wanderer is lost

In search for his way home.

Question: "What life will you make full of memories?"  


  1. This one resonates with me.. not that I am a wanderer like this, but maybe that I would like to be.. at the same time having those roots that keeps me here..

    somehow I got Dylan's "one more cup of coffee" in my head when reading your poem.. that valley below .. the memories that still cannot keep a wanderer.

    1. Yeah I've changed homes three times this year.. not that fun. Tons of new experiences though.

      I don't quite know how that song popped into your head either, but glad that my poem sparked some kind of imagination.

  2. I really enjoy the way your stanza dabble in the best and most delicious memories of the seasons. For me, your second stanza speaks to me the most - for I have a certain Love of the wilderness and the way light plays between the trees...the way the wind feels on a a cold but warm many detail to bring one into the moment. The entirety does bring the sensation of a full year lived and the somber tone balances it all...a cradle of good to hold one through the lonely times. Here's to a year of happy wandering and writing, too. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment Hannah. I used to live in seclusion for a while, and all I had was trees surrounding me. Brought a lot of nature oriented thinking to mind. Have a happy new year of writing. :)

  3. nice... i like the occasional rhyme in this, and the memory stanzas are so tender. Risk! gosh i played epic games of Trivial Risk (!) in college... genius. this is very nice, love it.

    1. A lot of people say that Risk is a gentleman's or gentlewoman's game.. I don't think they were too far off with that statement. Every game I play leads to so much political strategy.

  4. I love -and can picture - you "running like wild elves in the forest". I relate to the bluesy tone of this poem, the looking back, the nostalgia of remembering the times that are no wore, the thwarted dreams.......I really felt this poem.

    1. I'm glad that you could relate in some way Sherry because I feel it is important to connect with one's readers in poetry. Makes things that much more interesting.

  5. First things first:

    "With a broken heart feeling empty
    For nobody wants a wanderer like me."

    I just can't believe it's true. You're so smart and sweet and it's great you're a wanderer. There are people who can't understand wanderers because they think they don't have roots, but it's just a mistake. How beautiful it is to hear you use the words 'settle down and make a life'

    If your heart is broken, we've gotta find a to mend it, with Kintsugi maybe - not to make it attractive for others, but for youself, so you learn to embrace damage and feel precious again.

    You need to understand the reason I speak to you as if the poem was true about is because I can only write poetry that is true about me. My metaphors are all broken, so, though I appreciate those who can be abstract about life and experiences, my first guess is always that a person is writing about her own life.

    The scenes of your childhood described here would make such a sweet movie. I was such a happy kid myself, it's great to have good memories to take us back.


    1. Thank you for the kind words Kenia. :) This poem was partly about me but not entirely. Poetry is always personal to me, but sometimes it is more than just about the author though. I try to make it personal, but leave enough room for interpretation. This way others can connect with it somehow.

  6. Looking back...lost and found dreams. For me this year has been so painful. I am ready to close the door on it...that is if I can. Such a beautiful piece

    1. I hear you Susie. I had so many hard challenges this year that I would certainly love to close the book to. But there is a sort of enlightenment that can be taken from all those hard times. I helped developed me into more of a person, and there is just so much that I have learned. I think embracing the goodness in the bad is like cherry mint chocolate sweet.


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