Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas #5: Five Golden Rings

"Christmas Bells"
(CBC News)
Upon the sunrise a midnight dream
Passes over the mountainside with a gleam
It rings in the passing of the season
As the billowy winds bring in reason
On the fifth day the church bell ringed:

It first rang for the angelic fairy
Whose glimmering wings shone aplenty
Reflecting her presence with utmost grace
Like raindrops of silvery dew
Caressing the surface of the chalice.

From that chalice we take a drink
As the second ring takes its place
In remembrance of his majesty's rink
Where the elves sing and dance
Forever in harmony with delicate taste.

When the witty pipers come forth
The third ring vibrates in sound
Testing the values of our mirth
With revels and laughter in perfect bound
Even the robust bitter hound.

The night tips itself to the moon
For the fourth ring comes so soon
Telling the time for the ages
And when the children take their places
In a comfortable warm precocious bed.

As sugar plums dance in their heads
The fifth ring sounds off the end
Where the festivities come to cease
But only in the night do we see

Upon a sunset in midnight dream.

Question: "What are your five golden rings of the holiday season?"

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