Friday, December 26, 2014


This is my contribution to the Musical Inspiration Challenge. I decided to write about how writing gets a lot of stress off from my shoulders.

"Musings" by The Penultimate Word

Inside of my head there are musings
Some of which should be left unsaid
And when those musings are released
So are the words that follow the beast
Because sometimes those words are harsh
And sometimes they are kind, but all in all
They are definitely words of mine.
There are musings of singing and dancing
To the jazz and the waltz
There are musings of laughter and cheer
Although there is drinking involved
And sometimes there are musings unkind
Musings I've wished I never said
So instead I'll sit at my laptop desk
And type of the musings of my head.

Question: "What do you do to keep thoughts from stressing you out?"

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