Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gray Sky

"Gray Sky" by Aurrum
(Deviant Art)
The gray is unsettling and hurtful to the eyes
So I'll imagine a spring-like view in the sky
A deep aqua blue as large as an ocean
hovering over me
With puffy white boats to sail through it.
I'd rather patch pirates invade that sky above
Than look at the gray empty screen that covers it.
Their battles relentless as waves crash down upon my face.
Crash! Boom! The cannons roar back and forth,
Waiting to see who will come out in victory.
Any bit of excitement in that dreary gray sky.

It does, however, make a great canvas
For a wonderful landscape or portrait.
I can just turn that photo into black and white,
And nobody would know the difference.

Sometimes I think that gray sky is falling apart
Because of all the cold and wet white that drops,
But then I come to realize that it is just snow.
Wouldn't it be more lovely if the sky was red
Erupting with oranges that are fiery instead?
Then maybe that snow might become ashes,
Like a volcano had slowly had ghastly erupted,
Because any kind of excitement would be better
Than staring up into that damned gray sky.
I miss seeing Spring in all her glory
The greens and pinks the blues, “so sorry”
she would say.
“I wish that I could make that gray sky go away,
But alas I can't for it is yet my turn
To spread my happiness among the world.”
Of course I would come to understand
Because it is only nature to reprimand
That gray sky and all its tortures.

The gray sky is hurtful and unsettling to the eyes,
But in time I will realize that there is more had
Than not having anything at all;
Even though it may appear blank and dull.
So wouldn't it be better if I painted that gray sky
In all the colors and splendor of the rainbow pie?
Whose glamour sparkles in the pitch dark sky,
Like the winter princess Aurora Borealis.
It lightens up the mood after much anticipation,
For that gray sky wilts into nothing more
Than a faint and distant memory forgotten in lore.
Question: What would you do with a dreary sky?


  1. I live in the rain forest, so am well accustomed to endless gray skies....however, I remember the rain waters the trees and keeps everything alive........I still do feel terrific relief on days when the sun comes out and there is some blue up there!

  2. Isn't the rain forest much more vibrant though? I miss all the colors that the season of Spring and Summer bring with them. Even in the autumn, although things are dying, there still is some beautiful colors. Winter seems so dank and dull in comparison.


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