Sunday, December 14, 2014

Poetry Jam: The Noises Inside My Head

This poem is in response to Peggy's jamming Tuesday challenge. The topic was to talk about what we feel the word "quiet" means.

"Jake the Dreaming" by Android Jones
The noises inside my head,
they are like tantrums of a little boy:
the pounding and kicking like drums,
the fighting and the clashing of swords.
A pen in hand, and ink pot next to that,
I draw the fantasies inside my head:
Dragon breath, flames emblazoned
Upon a shield it clashes like a hot temper.
A war cry sounds forth from the trumpet
and all of the battlefield can hear
as the slicing and dicing comes, like tomatoes
their limbs fall upon the ground, 
dead and limp.

The noises inside my head swirl in circles
like a cyclone ready to clash against land;
the very particles of my brain coincide,
and as the waves crash against the bow
the salty taste of adventure dries my mouth.
Words spill out of the skull and shackles,
like shiny doubloons and silver trinkets,
and the noise of solemn plunder.
As I sit here at my desk and ponder,
in a room full of darkness,
about the noises inside my head.
Emptying the ink pot to the very last drop
Emptying my cranial archive, so that I may
Live in peace and silence.
Oh how I miss her tempered grace;
That sweet honey covered silence.
It lasts but only a moment of bliss
Until yet again my inner voice lingers
Begging for closure and comfort.
Again come the noises inside my head,
thumping and pumping up a storm
lightning cracking across the night sky
in a flash, clapping of thunder aching
the corners of my membrane office.
Maybe one day I could quell the noise

But for now I will sleep in silence.

Question: "How quiet are the dreams inside your head?"


  1. The noises inside one's head are usually the most deafening.

  2. I know that this poem might have conflicted a bit with the concept of "quiet," but it was suppose to poke fun at the meaning of the word. Physically we are in a silent place as writers, but inside our thoughts are raveling at high speeds.

  3. Oh how I miss her tempered grace;

    That sweet honey covered silence.

    I love these lines that conflict with the deafening clamour in your head. It is hard to shut out sometimes.

    1. As a writer I have a lot of noise that goes on inside my head creatively. So I find it a blessing that I can write as much of those noises as I can on paper.

      Thank you for the comment Elaine :)

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    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I am glad that I could provide an informative approach to you. :)

    2. I looked at your blog, but I can't read it. Is there a translation of it that I may view?

  5. I understand what you mean. Sometimes those noises are difficult to silence....even when one tries! You have expressed it well.

    1. This is why I enjoy writing so much, because it gives me the ability to release all that mental stress. Expressing it into a poem in its raw integrity seems to help even more.
      Thank you for the wonderful comment Mary :)

  6. Are creative minds ever silent? :)

    1. I would have to say they never are Margaret. Which is what makes poetry, or writing in general, such a great medium. :)

  7. Wow what a noisy head you have! Most people looking at you probably have no hint of all that noise inside. Thank you for sharing here at Poetry Jam!

    1. A lot of people don't realize it actually. I tend to keep my emotions in check when around others person to person, but with poetry I let it all fly away. :) I'm happy to have shared this poem with all of you at Poetry Jam.

  8. A head that speaks a lot and inks many things. Thanks for sharing poem with us

    1. Thank you too for taking the time to comment on my post. :)


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