Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Enter the light tapping at my window
Before thought comes a storm relentless
Everything is all a rush of traffic
Swirling in circles around and around
Dazed by the rapid succession of movement.
The slothful nature of being lifts itself
Up and up from its natural surface
Bewilderment of the clock flying out the window
Reaching out to grab it, but alas a miss
Is it just a figment or is this deja vu?
Take that one step forward, do it,
Swing those empty logs upon the bridge
Cross the crosswalks to the rain room
And let the cold and warm waves crash down
Down upon the slothful surface that stands
So that it might escape the wild jungle

And let the animals loose from its membrane.
Dripping like a fountain, straight from the drain
Hairy sinews dangling across like weeds
The gardener trims the bush and hedges
Tows the dirt back and plants a new seed
When the storm has finally settled down
It is then that the membrane relaxes
Calmly, gently, opening the shutters
To let that shiny morning light enter.
Perhaps it were a dream, but it was not
For it feels a lot like sleep walking

If only it wasn't the truth in the dark.

Question: "What kind of things leave you awakened?"


  1. Since there are no comments here it means I can leave a longer very personal comment and it's likely to be read by no one else but you. :)

    So let me start by my views on the poem:

    I adore it. It has just become my favorite of yours, it's a shame nobody read it, I think you should share it with the Toads next Monday in the Open Link. It's beautiful, magical, there is something about experience the world before leaving bed, perceiving the universe, making meaning out of sounds and smells - I love it. It's pure and sweet, and comforting to anyone's heart. Share it on Monday, I'm sure you'll hear more of the same. (You might keep my my comment to yourself when you get the confirmation e-mail and erase it from here if you feel like it - you're never online on Google Hangouts, I keep leaving offline messages to you since I never happen to talk to you in real time, I'd have so much to say I wouldn't know where to start from).

    I'd like to thank you for your comments on my poems. 2014 is almost over and I'm just glad to have met you on time to call it a good year. I hope 2015 can be as inspiring, because I like coming here and chatting to you on the comment box because that's the only way we can do it by now.

    I hope your life is calm and your day is good and that your mind continue going different places, it might land in my area anyday, and I would very much like to talk books, RPGs, Cinema and poetry with it.

    Kiss. :)

    1. Thank you so much Kenia for being an avid reader and follower of my poetry blog. You are definitely one of those rare few who shows up and leaves a wonderful surprise. This isn't to say that I don't love all my other readers because I certainly appreciate their contributions as well. I think I will take your advice and share this on Toads on Monday. If it was as interesting to you as I imagine it was, then surely I think everyone else at Toads will enjoy it as well.

      I greatly enjoy reading your blog posts as well because they are so personal and feel so real. I think this is a very important part of being a poet. In a way poetry is like country music in that sense because all country artists reveal a little bit of themselves in their songs. I think this is one of the greatest ideas that a writer can give to someone outside of telling a story.

  2. Replies
    1. That is definitely an interesting way of awakening yourself.

  3. "For it feels a lot like sleep walking" ah, yes, I can relate

    1. I have lucid dreaming sometimes and this is the result of it. That or day dreaming. Kind of one of those moments where someone says, "What are you looking at?" You don't answer immediately so they repeat the question. When you snap to you end up saying, "Huh?"

  4. A very intense lyrical poem which really showcases the writer in his environment.

    1. I wrote this a while back when I had first started writing. It was actually part of a writing assignment I had for a poetry workshop. I decided to share it on my blog because it reveals exactly what you just depicted.

  5. recently having used the word Kafkaesque, i think you have put that in writing in a very good way.. there is something surrealistic, with an emphasis on real, just like that stage where you wonder why you are not dreaming what you see.

    1. Day dreaming is a frequent thing when I write at coffee shops. It is funny to see people stare and wonder what I am looking at. They really have no clue at all.

  6. You've captured the nature of a fitful dream very well, Kenn. Dreams have often no logic, I like (but don't like either) your switch from mechanized and human ways to the animal jungle with stick membranes (yuck!).

    Mostly worries of the day or "Did I misspell the word ___ in my last night's blog post?" waken and keep me awake. If I stay awake then I get up, have some coffee, and check what worried me to waken. Then (until Mrs. Jim became invalid) I would go upstairs, turn on the TV in the guest room and get back to sleep.

    1. I end up getting those false awakenings every once in a while, so it can get kind of creepy for me when I dream. I don't always get lucid dreams like this, but I usually just wake up and do something to put myself back to sleep. Coffee actually makes me sleepy instead of wake up oddly enough.

  7. I feel like this is speaking to me of revelation, the light that come from a reawakening to the world around me. Marvelous piece!

    1. I try to leave my poems open to interpretation so I can see how you would interpret it that way. Sometimes dreams come to us because of our subconscious is telling us something. Thanks for the comment Susie! :)

  8. too many thoughts... perhaps, that's where a poet stock piles their words

    1. I have so much to stockpile together some days that I don't know what to do with it all. I try to lessen it by putting it all into words.

  9. Love the rush of sensations and imagery, the dance between what's happening and how it affects the reader... Feeling through this words is very intense--alive--as poetry should be. It leaves the soul thinking...

    1. Thank you so much for reading Magaly! :) I think it is very important for a poem to be enriched in imagery because it allows for a wonderful story the reader can delve into. I don't like making poems too hard to understand and complex though because then it is less enjoyable in my opinion, but there are some who do like the challenge. So I try to incorporate some complexity.


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