Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Life Magazine

"Life Magazine Motto" by Pixgood
Flipping through the pages of this Life catalog:
Natural mountains miles high
Technological medical
Famous Amos, the fortune cookie
And various woman in pink.

Not quite sure where to climb,
Or what kind of surgery I want more.
I would certainly settle for chocolate chips
And the pretty blonde in the polka dots.
I'll try not to romanticize, if I can.

On page four:
A mountaineer climbed Mt. Everest
Bet that was a blizzard cold peak...
Reaching that summit takes guts
Especially at twenty-nine thousand and twenty-nine feet.

On page eight:
A mechanical arm made of reinforced steel,
A robot they call it, performs on the heart.
Sounds like something from the kingdom of Oz,
Not to be confused with the daytime doctor.

On page twelve:
Blue ribbon cookies on an oak finished shelf,
They received first place this year,
And my oh my how delicious they would taste
Such sweet goodness in that gooey center.

On page sixteen:
A pageant for breast cancer awareness month,
All the pretty blondes are in a row,
And their smiles seem almost too real,
But I would trade any day for just one date.

Flipping through the pages of this Life catalog:
I try not to judge from the cover
Because there is more to be had in living
Than laying down smatterings all over the internet.  

Prompted Words for this Poem: catalog, romanticize, judge.

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