Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Dragon's Anguish

"Red Dragon" from HQ Wall Base
His scales felt like little pieces of steel
Up and down a bony spine hard as rock
They had a reddish tint to them
Mixed together with some brass
His eyes coal black and centered on me.
A look of confusion, yet intimidating
Enough so to scare anyone else, but me.
I wasn't scared of this demon, I stood
My ground didn't tremble one bit.
This beat's walk created earthquakes
Enough to cause the lake to wave in fear.
His crown had horns that curled around
Underneath his gaping jaw, and shiny teeth
Waiting to take a bite into a creature's flesh
A bite of death if it collapsed downward.

His nostrils flared with such anguish
Smokey trails left behind every snort
Like a volcano about to erupt with lave
Spurting through the air with cinders.
Our eyes met in a locked battle of wits
Neither of us squirmed or coiled
Just stared, and stared, and stared.
For moments it would have seemed like years
But I knew it was only mere minutes
Till this beast lunged forth, maw wide.
His dark and scaley wings spreadt open
Enveloping me with mighty gusts of wind
Like miniature tornadoes, taking breath away.
Up into the air the beast lunged himself
Into the clouds beyond human sight
A roar came forth that felt so near, yet so far
Swirling my body from side to side, looking
Couldn't see anything with dust in my eyes
But I could still hear that drake coming
Ready to swoop down and take me away.
From out of nowhere I was uplifted
Brazened by the scorching heat of flame
And surely would have burned in the embers
If it wasn't for my emblazoned destiny.
I am the dragon-born. I am the master.
One loud yell and this beast was tamed

The beast broiling deep inside of me.


  1. Very descriptive! I could almost picture this 'beast,' and then the ending took me by surprise when I read the last line!

  2. I was toying with the imagery and the ending of the story. I wanted this poem to stand out more than just a fantasy piece. Most of this content was inspired by a game I play called Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the game you play a character called the "Dragonborn" and it is your destiny to save mankind from Alduin (a dragon that brings on the end of the world). It has some roots in German pagan beliefs.


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