Saturday, January 17, 2015


"Luxury Pink Oriental Lily Vase" from Fleming Florist
I spotted a pink flower the other day

Sprouting from a crack in the sidewalk.
It was something quite amazing at first.
I stopped and stared for a moment,
And asked myself a startling question:
How could a beautiful creature exist
In between the asphalt with such bliss?
Surely the earth has a better place
For a flower that is covered in grace,
And isn't stomped on in disgraceful haste.
For this is the city of lights after all,
And I'd hate to see such elegance fall
At the mercy of a rushing businessman,
Or even worse, a lousy pick up scam.
So I walked over and politely asked:
“Beg your pardon, may I give you a hand?
She just weaved a bit in her rooted stand
I couldn't bear it any longer, and so
I gently grasped her ivory leafs,
Plucking her from the sidewalk crack.
She looked wilted and was falling apart
I needed to find her a planting pot,
But where would I begin to start?

She deserved more than ceramic clots,
Or one of those tan mediocre blots.
She deserved something matching her apparel
Something that shined in every window.
So I bought her a tall and clear vase
To compliment her long stems of lace,
And dressed her up in fine greenery
Which flattered her bouquet of finery.
She told me her name was Lily;
A name so unrequited and worthy
For she is a belle shining in the rough
Not this street rat looking so tough.
With me she stayed for many days
Recovering from those cemented slums
Till that one day she had left me
With my green thumb stuck in the mud.
I'll never forget that moment I stared
Into the eyes of a viper, entranced


  1. You know what I like most about it? That you observe the world around you, that your beautiful eyes don't fail to see such things, and that you can translate your emotions into words so we can read it here. :)

    (Am online exclusive for you now)

    1. Guess I'm turning out to be a fine young poet according to you. :) Glad you liked it.

  2. Kenia is right, you do see all things around you.

    Thanks for coming by to visit. I could not do just ten. I wrote ten and did ten more and then ten more. They are separate but hopefully they can go together.

    I leave my response here because I have no email to reply to when you make a comment. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Nah it is all good Gail. I think that your ten word poems worked well together and individually. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Much obliged. :)

  3. Whew, this poem really took me on a journey. It seemed so very sweet and caring.....until the very end. Smiles!

    1. I almost didn't include some of the lines that were in this. This poem was suppose to be just about a flower, but it kind of bloomed into something else as I continued to write. As for the ending, did you like it? I thought it was a nice bitter sweet ending to something wonderful. Just like in life.

  4. Replies
    1. For the most part. The end was a little bitter sweet, but overall it was a heart warming piece. Just wanted to throw in that punch at the end because it draws the reader back into reality where everything isn't always silver and gold.


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