Friday, January 23, 2015

Dusk Before The Dawn

"Moon Sunset" Image by jah of Alien Shore Revisited

Some say the sun was brighter that day,
But I beg to differ on that reasoning
Because the sun was never there,
As if it was hiding behind the moon
Like a lunar eclipse.

Awakening in the midst of darkness
It can be quite disturbing at first
Your eyes and mind playing tricks
Like the shadows upon the wall
Dancing around like Pan.

I must be in the twilight zone
Because all this seems so surreal –
One moment I am in a dream,
And the next I am in a void.
Am I an old man that sleeps all day?

The curse of being a night owl
I suppose, daybreak can wait
Because the darkness lingers here
In the cornea of my fragile eyes

Embracing me

Watching me


As if there were no light at all.


  1. I am sure it could be a curse to be a night owl and be wide awake at night. The darkness can be eerie sometime, especially when one feels it watching, watching. And one doesn't know by whom!

    1. I actually feel pretty safe in the dark. Sure you can't see anything nearly as well, but that is when being quite and listening comes in handy. I like how calm the night can be.

  2. We need darkness to heal, hence the winter. Such wonderful things can grow in the dark, too. Also, the fact that the darkness has to wait implies that at some point there is light; balance is a great thing to have. ;-)

    1. There is definitely a ying and yang principle to life isn't there. I've always enjoyed a little of both in my life because sometimes there are moments when either one can suit a person's desires. Also, whose to say that darkness can't be a good thing.


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