Friday, January 9, 2015

The Cloud

This poem was written for the Road Trip challenge in Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads. It holds a lot of value to my childhood because it entails some of the imaginations I had when going for a ride in the car. I'd look out the window and this is what I would see. Enjoy!
"Car Cloud" from Driver Layer
I face the wind before me on this empty cloud
I hold no promises, but I'll get there some how
Where would I go, I don't know
But I know this cloud will bring me there.

Sometimes it feels like floating, above the ground
And sometimes it feels like nothing at all,
So occasionally I'll think I'm Peter Pan
And take a hold of the storm-ward bow.
“Turn this ship around me matees!”
The captain calls with such mirth and might
For there are plenty of pit stops on this night,
Especially when the cow jumps over the moon
Or at least for this little boy blue.
I stare at forests that travel at the speed of light
Inside this Millennium Falcon I take flight
Across the many galaxies and planets alike
Like Hans Solo and my Chewbaca we make the hike.
Where no man has gone before, so I'm told.
Out into deep space through the asteroids
Battles with alien ships and light saber fights.
Yeah this here cloud isn't the best, but hey
It served us well throughout these many years
It covered us in warmth through the bitter cold
It zapped away the rain when it could
And it weighed lighter than a feather in the air
It even paid for itself in balloon fairs.
The fluff might be tarnished and not the same
But in the end it is my cloud, here to stay.

Question for the Reader: What kinds of traveling adventures did you have?


  1. Love those virtual road-trips .. the best ones would for sure be there among the clouds.. how far can you go on such trips and still get back again.

    1. Yeah I had quite the vivid imagination back in those days. The road trips are always going as far as the mind's eye.

  2. I love the imagination of little boy blue. Sweet Kenn

    1. I was that little boy blue, so I will gratefully take your compliment. :)

  3. Imagination can take us anywhere. Love where little boy blue traveled in this.

    1. He used to travel all over the place, and now he is a busy homebody. Good reason for this thought to pop up.

  4. My fave travels were in the back of our pickup going to and from camping trips. No need to talk, only imagine and nap. This was an awesome piece, I still fell this way while on raid trips sometimes. Thanks for participating!

    1. That sounds like quite the night out. I loved camping out to a bonfire and talking about stories. Great times.

  5. And most kids today watch their iPhones or tv in the car… they are really missing something by not looking out the window (IMO)

    1. I probably won't have kids, but if I did, they would be playing outside and going on camping trips because there is so much to do and enjoy outside of the virtual world.

  6. I like the idea of looking into the sky and contemplating what everything means, how far away planets and other galaxies are, and what might it be like to travel that far. Even a cloud takes wonderful journeys, and I wouldn't mind riding one for a bit.

    1. I could imagine you riding a cloud like Mary Poppins.

  7. I'm passionate about the sky and sky watching and cloud watching. This poem is so lovely Kenn, another source of good old memories to me.

    I like lying in the yard and watching the clouds go, it's been hot these days, not many clouds, but whenever they show up, I greet them with smiles.


    1. I honestly was thinking of summer when I wrote this poem because I miss the hot weather. Winter where I live is retched.


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