Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ten Strands of Haiku

I wanted to try out something different for a change. I used to write haiku in my journal all the time, but alas I turned from it a year ago due to other endeavors I was pursuing. These may be a little rusty, but I think I pulled off some great haikus. Enjoy!
"Four Seasons" by Guxi Liu

Silently trembles
The shaking ground below sky
Water ripples on

Snow like ash becomes
A phoenix from the pyre
In winter's embrace 

Soar over ocean
Like bird from Northern sky
To the land of green

Transform like a wolf
During a silver moon's glare
Hunting predator

Like a climbing vine
Slithering up an oak tree
Tangled broken limbs

Night falls on the stars
An aura waving green-blue
A color compass

Smile like the sun
And eat fruits of love embrace
Like the all maker said

Swallowing a stone 
Is like swallowing the earth
Nigh unmovable

Empty buzzing mind
Of worker bees and the queen
Release the honey

Chasing your shadows
Is like running way upstream
Pointlessly empty


  1. Kenn, I love your haiku - visually beautiful to envision as one reads.

    1. Thanks Sherry I'm glad that you liked them.

  2. You have nailed the haiku form, Kenn.

    1. Thanks Mary, I was worried I was too rusty to pull them off like I used to.

  3. Love the images here. My fav. 'Snow like ash becomes
    A phoenix from the pyre
    In winter's embrace ' ~ so fresh metaphor. ~ The whole story here, in your haiku!

    1. All of these pieces of haiku were actually separate ideas from one another, but I guess they could be read together just the same. Such is the magnificence of poetry!

  4. I admire the haiku style ~ I particularly like the snow like ash and chasing of shadows ~

    1. I tried to pick words that worked well together and maintained the message each haiku was saying. Glad that you admired them.

  5. I can't write Haiku, I don't have the necessary calmness in the eyes. Yours are lovely. Apparently everything you write sounds like music to me. o.O

    1. I've been writing since I was thirteen. That probably helped considering how much experience is under my belt. I also have a keen eye for details that most people don't notice.


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