Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For The Wind's Beckoned Call

"Tragedy of Winter's Smite" picture from Severe Weather in Ohio

It may seem sinful that this breeze blows cold
Leaving nothing more than a frozen wasteland
The gods above must be bickering up a storm
For us mortals below are certainly feeling scorned.
From inside our hovels there is a whisper
Like a rogue it lingers through the seams of wood
It hisses and yells with an angry bite to its words
Wanting to barge through the windows and doors

The wisps of winter bang and thrust forever it seems
Although the warmth from inside is dimming slowly
The wick of candles flickering in waves of light
Entrancing those mortals inside with wishful dreams
That this blizzard, horrendous, will soon disappear.
Alas, this will not be the fate of this night
For the gods above bicker for what seems like eternity
For they have naught any quarrel less than us,

And are higher born in this universe that we live.
Buried now in a blue blight and deepening snow
So covers my heart in ice and woe – winter's bite
Becoming more of a friend than any other might
Except save for this woolen blanket at my thighs.
This is a darkening upon us in this time of white
A time in which we mortals cannot soon fight

Till the morning sun glimmers and burns at its height
Smiling upon our pink noses and reddened cheeks

And brings with it the golden rays of decadent spring.


  1. Knowing you live in Maine makes me think that this poem is borne from the ongoing winter storm. Indeed the blizzard will soon disappear, but it will leave its mark on history. And that deepening snow will definitely express 'winter's bite' in a very concrete way! Somehow I think those 'golden rays of decadent spring' will be a while in coming. Smiles.

    1. Spring might come quicker than one would think, considering the hemisphere shifts. It is getting warmer in the northern hemisphere every year. But this past blizzard really took a toll on my back today. A whole driveway covered in three foot deep snow.

  2. Well I can't wait for the decadent spring to come ~ We are chilled here (at the moment -9 C) so I can relate to wanting this winter to end soon ~

    1. Yeah, that sounds really cold over your way too. The wind doesn't help too much either.


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