Friday, January 30, 2015


"Pioneers of Space" Photo thanks to NASA
This is the era in which we strive for greatness
The golden age of galactic travel and meta-humans
A period in which the world crumbles for the better
As time passes by in this evolutionary stage
Where the human spans outward into deep space
This is the eon where generations of the past tremble.

This is a "synonymous poem" that I've just made up and created. The key to writing a synonymous poem is finding a word you want to depict, and using synonyms of that word within the poem. Kind of curious if this will become a new type of poem that people will use. I think it is really fun to write, and I think fellow poets will too. For this one I chose the word "epoch" and used the following synonyms: era, age, period, stage, span, and eon. 


  1. Neat idea Kenn! I will have to give this a try myself. " A period in which the world crumbles for the better." I like the wording.

    1. Thanks Cole! Please share your synonymous poem with me when you write it. I would definitely love to read it. :)

  2. Very interesting. Epoch . . . an awesome title!


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