Friday, January 9, 2015

Legend of the Bonfire

"Bonfire" from

I felt the flames wreath around me
Singeing my hair molecules like embers
Which drifted into the air as little sparks
And seemed to disappear into the dark.
Like blowing on a dying dandelion
Those ashes would twist and turn
With the breath of winds across my lips
And float across the midway stream.

Croaks and chirps lingered out back
In a unison sound that was singing
The toads were the heavy bass
The crickets were the string quartet.
If silence filled the air for a moment
A plop from a lily pad was heard
Signaling the chorus into rhythm.

Distracted buzzing walloped my ears
As the blood suckers swarmed and leered
Like vampires sustained from a bite
Soon to take off into a tumultuous flight
When a swatter swung in between
With peerless aim of a tiresome game.
One dead, two dead, three dead, four.

A spiral of smokey clouds wafted in
And the blood suckers soon fled
Leaving behind a few coughs here or there
And left the foreground without despair.
To enjoy the popping flames once again
With marshmallows and chocolate thins,
A feast fit for a king.

The sweet sugars stuck to my throat
As I gulped it down in one stroke
Licking every last inch of my finger tips
Of the sticky residue that was left.
And lets not forget the oozy brown coating
That covered my mouth and cotton
Scrumptious was this golden cracker.

For hours this flame wreathed me in
And for hours we would all sing
With the toads and cricket's tune
Of the wondrous moments of bliss
In this one night we wouldn't miss
Sitting here next to the bonfire.  

Prompt for the Reader: The bonfire has always been a held tradition in the entire history of human kind. It is a sort of ritual in which we all can enjoy ourselves socially and physically. Much like taking a shot at the Jacuzzi, the bonfire has relaxing properties. For this prompt I would like you all to do one of the following: talk about your experiences with a bonfire OR choose something else that is traditionally passed down in your family as a relaxing festivity.  


  1. We put up bonfires every June and July, a religious tradition, not that I am religious, though. I used to love them as a child. We'd play and dance around them like witches. The fire has some sort of enchating power over people I guess, which would explain why some people take up arsoning.

    Your poem connects me to many memories Kenn, I wanted to write for the prompt but there's too much on my mind today, if I do, I'll link back. Promise.

    I'm leaving another link for a poem I've written which is connected to my fascination for the fire. Hope you like both reading and listening to this one too.

    Kiss. <3

    1. Yeah fire definitely has a magic about it that keeps someone entranced by it. I've always been fascinated by the different colors that fire can make when you burn certain elements. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed chemistry when I was in high school.


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