Friday, January 2, 2015

Along That Highway

"Life is a highway, and I wanna ride it, all night long."
Rascal Flatts
"Lonely Highway" by Mike Heller
The glass down for the wind billowing
Through strands of beach blonde hair;
Like the 80's Pepsi-Cola commercials,
Except that there's a passenger boy there
In the driver's seat where you usually are.
Time seems to ebb and flow along the asphalt,
Yellow lines jumping up from the black;
Like bumblebees flying next to you and me.
“When will we be home?”
“Don't know.”
The answer like a labyrinth never ending.
Twisting knobs and pushing buttons
Clapping out hands to the beep bop tune
Trying to circumvent the dry air away
Wasting minutes on this long stretched highway
Till the time we pull into that driveway:
Florence and the Machine
The Dog Days Are Over.
Making airplane noises and floating hands
Out the side of the window up and down
Like a child that is so easily amused.
This highway couldn't possibly be any longer
“Where does this even go?”
“Don't know.”
Didn't much care, as long as it went somewhere,
A great chance for Bonnie and Clyde
To make their great escape across the country side.
We would find home in the strangest of places,
But this highway is our home now.
There is no going back to those far off fields.
Not when there is so much out there
For two country bumpkins, you and I.


  1. got the feeling of being on the ride

    1. Good! That means that I was descriptive enough. I actually originally felt like this poem was incomplete when I posted it, but glad that it panned out okay.


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