Sunday, January 11, 2015

Waves of Euphoria

"Sunrise On The Beach" from 7
The tides wash over me in one gigantic wave
All exasperation pouring from within its confines
Like a prisoner in orange waiting to break iron bars
For one more chance at freedom along that shore.

They all gawk at the stranger in blue suede pants
As if he was an unknown passenger in this trap –
An illusion made by sirens and harpies – alone
Upon that graying sand that is below his swollen feet.

Euphoria splashes him in the face with heated signals
No lotion to cover his back, lest the burns get him
And when the tides turn and face the outgoing sea
He'll never rest again next to those beautiful palm trees.

The contours of their bark rolls down to their roots
The way they sway when the wind rolls on through
And my oh my how those coconuts are so divine
Yet his pain breaking stigmata sails away from them.

For no man's land can ever be claimed like this
Oh no! It must be found like a buried treasure
Deep beneath the many waves that are crashing down
Upon his aching footsteps into that falling sunrise.  

Question for the Reader: What do you imagine when you see waves crashing down?

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