Monday, January 19, 2015


"Man Walking Down Street Playing Trumpet" from When The Levees Broke on HBO Documentary
Treasures are found not bought
No amount of money can declare
A number upon another object
Nor a price tag on the clothes
That are placed upon our backs.
Adventure stirs the mind and thought
Nobody could have been prepared
Us for this moment and subject
In which bills are placed in stoves
And burnt to a crisp, stacks upon stacks.
Just numbers they said once
Counting the numerous beans

Like herding cattle for the slaughter.

Question for the Reader: What sweet tune will you play in the wreckage?


  1. I can't imagine a situation in which bills are burnt to a crisp, but yes - I suppose they are just numbers,and their value depends on the value others assign to them. Smiles. I do think that treasures are found, not person's treasure may be another person's trash. And vice versa. And hopefully we can all avoid 'the slaughter.'

    1. Basically I was speaking out against using money as a way into happiness. It is just a number.

  2. I especially like the last five lines.


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