Wednesday, January 7, 2015


"Migrant Workers Sleep Under A Tree" by Joel Boh from Flickr
Occasionally I sleep the day gone by
Comfortably under the bed sheets and try
To dream of a different day so soon
When the sun's disc falls to the moon.
Like Rip Van Winkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are?
Up above in the sky so high
Like a diamond in the night sky.
They say that occasionally a genius is born
From underneath an apple tree,
And I can't argue that this is to be,
For all the genius comes from this earth
In the roots of an eternal birth.
So occasionally I sleep the day gone by
But alas who hasn't from time to time.

Question for the Reader: "What do you do occasionally?"


  1. " the roots of eternal birth" Like that thought.

    Sadly I should never have hit publish on this one. My reference to Dante's Inferno was lost and what I wrote just flat out stunk.

    Thanks for coming by.,

    1. I didn't think any of your work stunk. I liked what you wrote. It might not have been what you liked it to be, but it was apparently good to all your reader's opinions.

      I like the "earthy" feel that line gave to the rest of the poem because of how aloof it was.

  2. Kenn, I really like this poem. It expresses a truth about something many of us might do from time to time. Sometimes, like in the dead of winter especially, I think it is quite comforting to think about sleeping a difficult, boring, or troublesome time away. I also like the form of the poem!

    Ha, and what do I do 'occasionally'? Eat too many slices of pizza!! Smiles. I will be following your poetry on my 'feedly,' by the way. You won't see evidence on your home page, but you will see me commenting in your blog. I appreciate both your poetry and your responsiveness. You have something to SAY in your poetry, and you also SAY something in your comments that indicate that you READ and THINK about other people's poetry as well. See you around. Smiles.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful visit. It is so exciting to know that someone enjoys reading my poetry as much as you do.

      I always try to make sure I write something with meaning. Poetry needs to have something to tell, otherwise it is just words in empty spaces. (Hey sounds like a good new poem right there!) As an author I find it very important to personalize comments on what my readers post. It shows that I care about what they have to say, which is a great thing.

      See you around Mary.


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