Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Itch

"Natural Itch" by Craig Cameron

Something crawls underneath my skin
It burrows deep in the pores
And sweat furrows from my brows
As I scratch and scratch the spot
But it doesn't want to go away.
I grow furious, like a rabid wolverine
And begin to peel flesh from bone
Not caring about the pain at all
Except for the pulsating itch below.
I recognize that it could be nothing at all
But the itch isn't easily put away
When it crawls underneath my skin

Each and every single day.

Question for the Reader: What kinds of things make you itch to no end?


  1. Nothing worse than an itch that doesn't go away no matter what you do. I experience this a lot in the winter with the dryness in the house producing very dry skin! And then...the itch that itches no end!

    1. I get dry skin during the winter season as well, except mine starts in late autumn. I have to use a special soap in order to make it go away.


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