Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Smile At Adversity

Winter Landscape from All Free 

The sun smiles upon my face
So bright is the light it bears
For the day is young, and so am I
So why not soar out into the sky.

The snow glistens in white
Crunching beneath my feet
A chilling sensation of the spine
Yet I fall and angels appear.

Into the swamp lands
Of mush and deadened brush
My smile still gleams
Mud upon my face without a care.

Trekking along the cement sidewalks
I stare off into the distance
As cars whiz by, busier than bees
In the dead of winter.

Why must they be in such a hurry?
I really want to know
Because the day is just beginning
As the evening begins to snow.

A blizzard roars past my body
I sway back and forth like a tree
But my roots are firmly planted
And I smile all the same.

When a burning light forms
Before my eyes I can see
Through all the lines of adversity

I know how to seize the day.

For the Reader: Carpe diem.


  1. Despite the blizzards or swamp lands one walks through in life, it IS good to seize each day and make the best of it. ---> That is the message I get from your poem, and I agree with it.

    1. Basically that was what I was aiming for Mary.


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