Friday, January 16, 2015

Unconscious Subconscious

"The Subconscious Marvelium" created in collaboration by Luis Miguel Torres and Matt Faria 
A ringing falls into a conundrum of spirals
Staircase revolves around a hidden door
Around and around the merry go bush
A weasel chases the monkey, up a tree

For a cup of tea, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late
Says the white hare with an angered glare
You won't like him when he is green
Less the money grows off from trees.

Time for some spaghetti and cheese
Some Parmesan for a tasteful tongue
Licking up the juices of brain matter
Like a mop picks up a watermelon

Volcano explosion all over the matte
In bright yellow, orange, and red sparks
The fourth of July rebel is already here
When a dong trembles in the delicate ear

Confetti flying around the slicing air
It's your birthday! Or so it may seem
Because in the nonsensical mind
There is only rumors on a trapeze

Bouncing around like a wild circus
Of elephants, lions, and bears, oh my
I'll count my beans one at a time
And climb with Jack into the sky.


  1. Replies
    1. That is really funny, I didn't notice it till now. You thought that Jack at the end meant that I was drinking alcohol (ha ha). I'm happy you pointed that out because it makes this poem that much more hilarious.

  2. I love the movement in this poem, 'the conundrum', the literary references carefully sprinkled all along the text. I saw this picture on Facebook the other day that said: when you see a person reading a book you like, it's as if the book recommended the person - I liked you fast for your mind, even the little pieces of it you don't trust me enough to let me see (yeah, I'm a girl, it sucks, I know).

    You need no magic beans Kenn, you're magic.


    1. Thanks Kenia for the wonderful comment. I'm glad that you noticed all the little details that I put into this piece. It was quite a mouthful coming out during the writing process.

      I'm also glad that I can make my own magic in your opinion.


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