Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This poem was inspired by a new television show that I've just started watching on MTV called Eye Candy. It is about this female hacker, Lindy, who is being stalked by this other hacker online. It is a mystery / thriller that portrays the dangers of putting your life out there on the web. I've always been very careful treading water in the online scope of a social life, and in some instances this has made me a bit of a recluse. So I connect with this message a lot. I hope this poem speaks out about this as well.

A pair of black coals stare off into the web
With a poise on ice and rock hard leer
She is a black widow on the prowl
Searching through each thread for a fly
A morsel that would be stuck within her grasp
One chance to take a bite into the flesh
And discover something of her kin.

One twist of the right string and it all changes.

Into the darkness of night she'll wander
Weaving a web of connections unknown
So desirable and delicate are here red lips
That all those who she captures are lost
Like stalkers of the scene within a maze
Wondering when she will leap forth for them
Prey of here own tricky game of cat and mouse.

The huntress soon becomes the hunted.

Her world comes crashing down in heat waves
Upon the brick and rooftops of a virtual world
Embraced in sultry passion to cover the mess
The city so bright you can't see a single star
The widow walks in a shroud of death's shadow
For a single moment one string comes loose
And she feels like a human once again.

A thirst for murder, the perfect perfection.

In one fell swoop her web is cut down
Before those coal black eyes, she cries aloud
Tears into streams down the drain pipe
As she drowns, danger lurks in every corner
Trust faltering in a single spiraling fraying line
Fearful of the shadows that lurk around her
Another death and blood upon her hands.

Anger quenches the fear with new strength.   

Beware of the strange dangers that lurk in the dark.


  1. A perfect picture of what dangers lurking out there, Kenn! Many may not fully realize the risk until it strikes. And when it does it may bring untold damage not easy to get rid off. Great lines!


    1. Very true Hank. There are many dangers on the web that are invisible to most, so it is safe to say that it is okay to tread lightly.

  2. If I swear I'm not dangerous, will you talk more often to me? I'm harmless, you can google me.


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